Little Artist program!

Little Artists For Virtual Reality is Asia's first kid-friendly programme for beginners on 360 principles for Virtual Reality (VR). It is a learn-by-doing, experiential session through art and craft to create immersive virtual worlds. With PRESENCE's proprietary templates and its frame-and-shoot app, your finished artwork is transformed instantly into your very own VR world! Don your VR headset and explore!

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Programme Roadmap

Our programme sequences are designed to offer our young learners a clear, gradual progression to becoming future experts in Immersive Media, Immersive Media is now an important field of study in academic institutions. It is also a significant pillar in Singapore's education movement as a Smart Nation. Graduates of Little Artists for Virtual Reality can continue onto our higher level programmes involving advanced 360 and VR technology. See the introductory video here

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How does our VR programme benefit children?

Creative play is crucial to a child's quick learning and development. Children learn best by doing. Our unique, fun-filled Virtual Reality pedagogy help children apply their classroom knowledge through art and craft to create VR experience environments.. Our programmes offer them many ways to express their creativity. You will experience:

  • fun and innovative VR pedagogy
  • creation of your own immersive virtual world
  • development of the power of spatial thinking
  • application of 360-degree design concepts
  • visualisation with app and VR viewer
  • showcase of best works at our tech events
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How does our VR programme benefit children?

Spatial intelligence is important for success in many disciplines. especially STEM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Math), architecture and design. Our programmes train children to develop spatial reasoning through perspectives, mental rotations, visual transformations in 3D space and virtual environments that are not possible with traditional means..

Fascination is key to learning and retention. Our programmes are specially designed to foster high engagement through sensory, hands-on learning. Our proprietary templates and app support children to learn through reflection on doing. They instantly experience the outcome of their own creations through immersive virtual reality. This helps them in reflective observation and active experimentation critical to honing problem-solving and decision-making skills.

What we do

At PRESENCE, we believe that everyone should be able to create their own VR experiences. We make tools to let everyone create their own VR experience. We hold courses to teach VR. Whether you're 4 years old, 70 years old, or anything in between, we have a tool and a course to teach you how to create VR experiences.

We also help businesses create custom VR experiences using our PRESENCE technology.

Why choose us?

We know your needs. You're an artist or a creative or a parent who has a kid interested in art. You want to create something cool with VR technology but you don't know where to start. Here at PRESENCE, we got you covered. Using PRESENCE in house technology, we've built the tools that allow to you easily create VR experiences. We have a wealth of experience creating VR content to back up our claim.

PRESENCE Pictures is a virtual reality company with track record in delivering high-end VR solutions for MNCs, government bodies and educational institutions. Based in National University of Singapore, we are foremost in designing VR pedagogy for children as young as 4 years old. Little Artists For Virtual Reality is our signature programme for early learners who want a headstart in advance technology.

Our Founder was the VR lecturer at LASALLE School of the Arts, CG Protégé Animation School and the VR consultant with Defence Science Technology Agency (DSTA) and Sembcorp.

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Let’s chat! We can show you a live demo of worlds we created and maybe give suggestions based on your requirements.

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